Fantasy football waiver wire pickups - Week 16

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens explain why fantasy managers should add Atlanta's Tyler Allgeier and Washington's Jahan Dotson this week.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: All right, Andy, minorly consequential week here heading into week 16. There's some things going on in the fantasy industry, oh, I don't know like playoff push for a lot of these folks out there. They're in desperate need though, for some help. Their roster is great, obviously. That's why they're playing in the playoffs. But maybe they need a little minor tweaking here. Let's give the folks a couple of people they can pick up heading into week 16.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I'd start with Tyler Allgeier of Atlanta. He's coming off a spectacular game, 17 carries, 139 yards on the ground, a touchdown in which he was just pinballing off defenders. He has been so fun to watch. He's up to 5 yards per carry so far on the season, tons of yards after contact. He's been one of the best after contact runners in the league.

He doesn't go down easy. And he's tied to a run game where, yeah, he's in a bit of a committee with Cordarrelle Patterson. But all they want to do is run the football. They're averaging 32.6 rush attempts per game. They'd love to run it 40 to 45 times per game. So workload is really not a concern here at all. I think he's somebody that we're going to be flexing down the stretch

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I love it. And the schedule is nice. It all lines up for Tyler Allgeier, who I think looked really good against the New Orleans Saints. I'll talk about another rookie here, Jahan Dotson. Man, Jahan Dotson is the reason I want to just take wide receiver sizeists and stuff them in a locker and never hear from them again because if you told people that a wide receiver--

And this is last night, "Sunday Night Football," classic Jahan Dotson game, averaged 16 air yards per target, 2 end zone targets, winning at the catch point. If you told sizeists that this guy was as small as he is, that he wasn't-- he's not 6' 2", he's not 220? No way!

Yeah, give me a break! Jahan Dotson, this guy is so good. We talked about it on the podcast, 15 targets the last two weeks, both games against the Giants, who are obviously vulnerable in the secondary. The 49ers, not so vulnerable this upcoming matchup. But the usage has just been so good for Dotson. He's such a good player. And he wins, again, in the areas that we want, in the end zone.

He's a trusted contested catch guy, down the field. They love him in the vertical game. That is a great profile for a fantasy wide receiver, Andy, here pushing for the playoffs.

ANDY BEHRENS: He plays like he thinks he's 6' 4" or 6' 5" and 225 pounds.

MATT HARMON: Exactly right.

ANDY BEHRENS: He plays like a big receiver. They target him in the end zone all the time. He's got 6 touchdowns in nine games. He's been great. He looks like a star.

MATT HARMON: All right, those are a couple of guys that you can pick up to help you make that final push to a fantasy football championship. Good luck here in week 16.