Fantasy Feast Week 7 - Seattle Seahawks vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The FFL crew breaks down this week's matchup between two West Coast teams.

Video Transcript

- And speaking of the Chargers, hey, they're involved in a fantasy feast this week. They've got Seattle. This thing is at SoFi, going to be a fun one. The number on this game is 50 points.

In fact, these defenses combined on the season have actually allowed 52 and 1/2 points. These are two of the worst run defenses in the league. So I'm pretty much going to guarantee that a top five running back and probably the overall RB1 is coming from this game. Los Angeles allows 5.6 yards per carry on the season, Seattle, 5.1.

Sure seems like we're going to get a lot of points and yards in this one. Matt, I'm going to start with I, let you talk about your guy Tyler Lockett. Are we getting a bounce back this week from Lockett, from Metcalf, and from Geno Smith?

- I mean, I definitely feel really good about DK Metcalf. The one thing with Tyler Lockett is he came into this week pretty highly questionable. It was even late last night it was like, are we sure he's going to be playing in this game? So that is something to monitor there.

But this does look like a really good bounce back spot. Neither of these defenses have played all that well. Even on the Chargers side, right? They make this big signing to get JC Jackson and he does not look the same, whether it's the injury, whether it's coming out of New England system to an entirely new defensive approach there that the Los Angeles Chargers use.

His assignments in New England, playing man coverage on the number two receiver while they bracket the number one on the other side, could not be any more different than the variety of things that he has to think about and process in the zone heavy defense that the LA Chargers play. So that transition has been a struggle for him, the entire Chargers defense, really. They've been fine not living up to the billing.

Obviously, they've got some injuries as well. So I think this is a pretty good week to look for a bounce back from Geno, look for definitely a bounce back from DK Metcalf. And even, if I have Tyler Lockett and he's active in this game, I'm probably going to go ahead and play him in this one.

- Yep, doing it myself. Tank, what are you watching on the Charger's side?

- Well, this game is interesting to me. I know I mentioned it last time maybe, couple of weeks ago when the Chargers played the Browns, but this setup actually reminds me of that Chargers-Browns game from last year as well, where it ended up finishing up like the Chargers went 47-42. I believe it can be that type of shootout, just for the simple fact that both of these defense have put up a little resistance this year. I got no harm in talking about all the explosions that we can see from the Seattle side of the ball.

But when you look at the Chargers Justin Herbert, played solid last week, but he didn't get a passing touchdown or anything like that. I think this could be a blow up spot for him. If he gets Keenan Allen back, I mean, look what that does for Mike Williams. Mike Williams is in a situation where he could actually blow up, because it always gets to that point to where you're like, hey-- I had somebody message me today, like, I said, I played this person over Mike Williams?

And I'm like, hey, whenever you start getting that talk about, should I bench Mike Williams from somebody? That's when my cousin blows up. So I could see that happening. And also you look at it, Gerald Everett, he has an amazing match-up this week and I feel like that's one guy that you want to make sure you have on your radar.

He can explode because the Seattle Seahawks always give up a lot of chunk plays to tight ends. So make sure you have your Chargers locked and loaded. This could be a shootout.

- I love that call on Gerald Everett. He's actually, I want to say, the third most expensive tight end in Yahoo Daily this week, and deservedly so. It was a blow up spot for him. Also love the call on Mike Williams, who is absolutely going to go off after a quiet week. That is kind of the classic Mike Williams mode.