Fantasy Baseball Podcast - Solid players to grab on bad teams

In the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Podcast, Scott Pianowski and Andy Behrens briefly discuss a few solid players to consider on some of the worst teams in baseball.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: We were actually working together as a group and [? into ?] our power rankings for the fantasy strength of the 30 teams. We're starting to roll those out. And it's funny when you think, oh, well, Seattle has to be last, right. Then you're like, well, wait a minute, have you looked at the Marlins? Well, wait a minute, have you looked at the Tigers? Well, wait a minute. Who on the Giants do you want to draft?

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I mean, we talked about this last year. But the striation of baseball between the teams that are really good and the teams that look terrible, I feel like there's like six or seven teams that I just can't wait for my pitchers to pitch against.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah. No, you're totally right. We could have shuffled up those final, I don't know, five or so teams any number of ways. Like I'm not sure, outside of Boyd, there's a Tiger that I care about. I certainly don't feel that there's a Giant that I necessarily want to have on a roster. Like you can have Posey in a deep league. Somebody is going to have to own Tony Watson, the presumptive clo-- but like, that's it. Outside the presumptive closers, you're right, there's like four or five teams where I don't have to own anybody else.