Falcons' big offseason thing: Go get a quarterback

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz looks at the one big thing for Atlanta's offseason - Desmond Ridder wasn’t the answer under center last season so the Falcons once again need to find a quarterback to utilize their offensive weapons.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: It's time to take a look at One Big Thing facing the Atlanta Falcons this off-season. And it's simple, go get a quarterback. I spent plenty of time-- a year ago, right now-- arguing with my buddy, Harry Douglas, about the Falcons and whether or not Desmond Ridder was the guy. People inside the organization absolutely believed he could be. They were wrong, and that's why you have all new people inside the organization.

Arthur Smith, out. His head coach, Raheem Morris, gets another shot at being a head coach in the NFL. And when you think about the weapons that they have, when you think about Bijan, and when you think about Drake London, when you think about Kyle Pitts-- who I still don't think has been unlocked to the potential he could be-- man, if you're a quarterback, you're just salivating at the potential of getting there.

I think this is, in part, about building an offense that better utilizes the strengths that they have, and mostly about getting a quarterback in that can be their answer. None of us know, right now, whether that's going to be Justin Fields or whether it's going to be a Ryan Tannehill sort. I don't know.

Will they be lucky enough in the draft to sit somewhere where somebody falls to them that they are absolutely in love with? Maybe. But what we know is that the Falcons have to realize, right now, in this version of the NFC South-- in a division that is not particularly great-- in that version, it was a winnable division if they just had a quarterback. The One Big Thing they have got to figure out right now is how to fix that position in a year that has plenty of depth to do it.