'It's an exciting time': Pacers Tyrese Haliburton reacts to Fever drafting Caitlin Clark

INDIANAPOLIS -- Since she declared for the WNBA Draft in late February, even the Pacers had to be careful about what they said about Caitlin Clark.

Since the Pacers and Fever are under the umbrella of the Pacers Sports and Entertainment Group, they were governed by the same rules as the Fever were as far as speaking about potential draft picks before the draft. Pacers coach Rick Carlisle, point guard Tyrese Haliburton and others had to tightrope walk on their answers to some questions while Clark was making history with Iowa once it became obvious she'd be the Fever's No. 1 pick.

But after the Fever made it official on Monday, the Pacers put out social media posts congratulating Clark and were able to publicly discuss what her addition could mean to the city after their practice on Monday.

"This is a momentous 24-hour period with the Fever drafting Caitlin and all the things that are going to come with it," Carlisle said. "Thirty-six out of 40 games on national TV is phenomenal. It will be great to have her around, to see her and the Fever players around, that would be great. For the city of Indianapolis, you've got Tyrese, who is rumored to be on the Olympic team, you've got Caitlin Clark who is now on board with Pacers Sports and Entertainment, it's exciting times."

Haliburton, who follows the women's game closely at the college and professional level, has been anticipating it, though as a former Iowa State player, he couldn't bring himself to root for Iowa.

"I'm excited for her to be here," Haliburton said. "I think it brings a lot of excitement to the city. A city with a lot of young talent already and adding her. She's one of the faces of women's basketball. For her to be here under the same roof is really exciting for me. I think a lot of people in our organization look forward to watching her grow throughout the process, watching her get better. Looking forward to being able to actually cheer for her now that she's with the good guys."

Presumably Haliburton and Clark will be marketed together as two young star point guards on the city's basketball teams, which Haliburton said he was also looking forward to.

"Being able to grow a relationship with her will be cool," Haliburton said. "I'm sure we'll both be asked to do a million different shoots and things with each other. We look forward to growing a relationship together and put Indy sports on the map. And it's not just us, it's A-Rich (Anthony Richardson) with the Colts as well. There's many different people that are all a part of this. It's an exciting time to be an Indiana sports fan and just glad that we're both at the forefront of that."

This article originally appeared on Indianapolis Star: Pacers react to Fever drafting Caitlin Clark