Ex-Longzhu Crash and ex-Snake Martin join Vici Gaming

Martin is the new AD carry for Vici Gaming (Snake eSports weibo)
Martin is the new AD carry for Vici Gaming (Snake eSports weibo)

Vici Gaming have added ex-Longzhu Gaming’s Lee “Crash” Dongwoo and ex-Snake eSports Tan “Martin” Qi to their League of Legends Secondary Pro League lineup, according to their weibo.

After a difficult split, Vici Gaming were relegated from LPL, making Lee “Easyhoon” Jihoon and Bae “Bengi” Seongwoong the first World Champions to be relegated from a major league. Vici Gaming have announced they will retain their starting top laner, Zhu “Loong” Xiaolong, mid laner Easyhoon, and support Duan “caveMan” Deliang for the 2017 Summer split, but will make changes to the jungle and ADC position.

Crash, previously a jungler for Longzhu Gaming, had his competitive debut in the LSPL. He played for LSPL team TBear, who have recently been acquired by SNG and promoted to the LPL. Crash takes over the position for Bengi after a great deal of controversy sparked by Vici Gaming’s ex-CEO and now LoL General Manager, Lei “HunTeR” Weijun.

Martin was a substitute AD carry and occasional starter for Snake eSports. He has departed from Snake for a new team along with mid laner Park “TANK” Danwon, who has joined newly qualified LSPL team Young Glory.

Vici Gaming also state that Coach Lee “PoohManDu” Jeonghyeon has chosen to leave the team along with Bengi and previous mid laner and support, Wang “Hetong” Bin. Pi “XuanXuanPi” Xiaoxuan has joined the Royal Club organization.

The announcement states that VG aim to re-qualify for the LPL with their new roster.

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