Eli Manning’s advice for QBs Jones and Wilson on how to cope with bad press in the Big Apple

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz chats with two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning about coping with the bad press dished out by New York media outlets and how Giants QB Daniel Jones and Jets QB Zach Wilson can tune out the noise as they’ve struggled to begin this season. Plus, Eli teams up with King's Hawaiian, starting a new Slider Sunday tradition in the Manning household.

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: I'm Jason Fitz from Yahoo Sports hanging out with the great Eli Manning, who joins us on behalf of-- I'm going to be honest, one of my favorite foods, King's Hawaiian. But we'll get to that in a second. Before we get to any of that, I feel like every weekend I'm watching everybody implode over Daniel Jones and Zach Wilson. Is it impossible to play the quarterback position in that market?

ELI MANNING: No, it's not impossible to play. You just got to have thick skin and you just got to understand that whether you just had the best game of your life or the worst, that you can't-- that's not the week to read the papers. Each week you have an opportunity to go out and prove everybody wrong. And so that's your opportunity to go out there and play well.

JASON FITZ: I mean, we keep hearing the Jets might add a vet quarterback. Eli going to make a come back? You want to announce anything to us here?

ELI MANNING: No. The wings are a little tired. It doesn't have the pop it once had. So I think I'm good on the couch.

JASON FITZ: All right, tell us all about King's Hawaiian and what you're doing with them.

ELI MANNING: Yeah. So it's been great to partner with King's Hawaiian. They've really been helping bring my family and friends close together over the years. We've recently just started a little ritual called Slider Sunday. We do it every Sunday where we bring family, friends over.

A lot of times games are on. And you just have a great combination of King's Hawaiian sliders. And the best part is that you can customize them so many different ways. So whether it's a turkey ranch slider or a sloppy Joe.

- Classic, Eli.

ELI MANNING: It's really about creating great memories, great moments with your friends, with your families. And King's Hawaiian and their sliders make it a lot easier.