Dusty Henricksen | Beijing 2022 Olympic Profile

Team USA snowboarder Dusty Henricksen explains how his family did everything possible to allow him to become an Olympic snowboarder, and shares his ... interesting dietary habits.

Video Transcript


DUSTY HENRICKSEN: I'm a US snowboard slopestyle athlete. I grew up in Big Bear and the jumps aren't the biggest up there. So once I got around 10 or 12, we had to make the move up to Mammoth. But my dad was driving me to Mammoth, to Southern California, like, every single weekend for three seasons in a row before they finally pulled the plug and ended up moving up there and living in a motorhome for a year to finally wait and find a house that we could afford and got a house.

So the whole family had kind of made that move just for me and my brother just so we could snowboard more. And I can't thank them enough because it made the difference, like, night and day because it's just such a nice community there. And everybody is so into the outdoors. So it's like hard to stay inside, you know? I have an interest in eating habits. But I kind of just stick to cheeseburgers because they kind of just gives me the perfect amount of energy level throughout the day. But yeah. I try to just kind of keep a nice level of that, though. If I eat too big of a cheeseburger, I might be feeling slow. Too small, you're not full enough. So--