Ducks pull 'insensitive' NHL100 video of Ryan Kesler walking around naked

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Nick Ashbourne
·MLB Writer
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Ryan Kesler starred in a profoundly odd video on Sunday. (Getty Images)
Ryan Kesler starred in a profoundly odd video on Sunday. (Getty Images)

Theoretically speaking, there’s no wrong way to celebrate a birthday. Some like lavish parties, some prefer more intimate events, some would rather not acknowledge the signposts on their unceasing march to the grave at all. All of those preferences are valid.

However, it’s probably safe to say that the best way to celebrate the passing of time isn’t to strip down and walk through an office in the nude. But that’s precisely what Ryan Kesler and the Anaheim Ducks decided on for their nod to the NHL’s 100th birthday on Sunday.

The Ducks have since deleted the “insensitive” video, apologizing for its poor taste. But being it the internet, the 37-second clip lives on. Give it a watch and we can discuss.

Now that you’ve subjected yourself to that, there are certainly a number of things to ponder – beyond just the simple, “why?”

They include, but are not limited to:

Why is the musical accompaniment the sort of thing you’d hear in the saloon in Westworld?

I understand the tone they’re trying to set here is casual nonchalance, but there’s got to be a better way to do that. Music sets the scene in a video like this and the Ducks set a baffling scene right away here.

Who wrote the script?

There are actually only two lines in this, which go as follows:

Random Ducks employee: Kes, what are you doing bud?

Ryan Kesler: It’s the NHL’s 100th birthday, so I’m celebrating in my birthday suit, dude

It wouldn’t be too hard to improvise something like that, but I’m guessing on some piece of paper or napkin someone actually wrote this. Then they decided it was funny and ready to shoot. That’s rather astounding.

Did anyone think it might be the right climate for a video about someone exposing themselves in a workplace?

Considering the revelations coming out seemingly daily about sexual harassment in workplaces from newsrooms to film sets, maybe just maybe now isn’t the time to make a joke like this. It still doesn’t have comedic value in a vacuum, but it’s especially unfortunate in the current climate.

Where is Kesler meant to be going?

As with all great works of fiction, with this video one wonders what happens in the story after the curtain goes down. Kesler is walking through the office naked, but to what end? He turns right when he enters the office of the only employee brave enough to confront him, but where is he going? The owner’s office? The street? We know he’s probably ultimately going to be arrested, but where’s it going to happen?

What in the world is with the shoulder shimmy at the end?

I’m not sure there’s any way to explain it, but it’s needs to at least be acknowledged.

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