Drake Maye is off the board for team-specific bets at DraftKings

Where will quarterback Drake Maye be drafted? It's one of the biggest questions for round one of the draft.

It also has prompted a major sportsbook to stop accepting one type of wager.

DraftKings has taken Maye off the board for any team-specific picks. He's still an option for wagers tied to draft position — No. 2, No. 3, and No. 5, most notably.

Maye is currently +220 to go second overall. (Jayden Daniels is the favorite at -290.) Maye is the favorite to go third, at -145. He's also the favorite to go fifth, at -2000. (The last one suggests that bettors see a team like the Vikings trading up to No. 5 to get Maye.)

Wagers aren't currently being taken by DraftKings as to the specific team that will draft Maye. Apparently, that move flows from concerns that the volatility of the market coupled with the possibility of inside information could make DraftKings vulnerable to big losses.

Inside information is and should be a major concern regarding wagers of this nature. Really, any bet that has nothing to do with what happens on the field opens the door to the dissemination and utilization of inside information. (That happened at the Super Bowl, with the color of the Gatorade dumped on Chiefs coach Andy Reid.)

It's one of the biggest potential problems when it comes to legalized gambling, and it's one of the ways that the NFL can stumble into a major betting scandal.

DraftKings sees the potential for it; otherwise, it would have no reason to not take bets on where Maye might go.