Don't miss these prime fantasy picks for Week 5!

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don offer some sneaky sleepers from Thursday's Colts-Broncos matchup and other Week 5 NFL action.

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MATT HARMON: It's week five of the NFL season, and we're digging deep into the player pool to find some sneaky sleeper options with our Prime Video Picks, presented by Amazon's "Thursday Night Football." So let's start with this game, Dalton. Who is your prime pick when the Colts take on the Broncos?

DALTON DEL DON: Give me Jerry Jeudy. He's facing a pass-funnel Colts defense that ranks top 10 in EPA per rush but bottom 10 in EPA per pass. No Javonte Williams, unfortunately. And backup Melvin Gordon is suffering from major fumbling issues, dating back to last season. He's one more away from maybe not seeing the field.

The Broncos offense ranked dead last in EPA per rush, so they're going to ride Russell Wilson's arm. He does have a banged up shoulder, so check in on him. But assuming he's good to go, I expect another nice game from Jeudy. He played limited snaps in weeks two and three due to injury but was a top 12 fantasy receiver in the season opener, top 20 last week. So Jeudy is my prime pick for "Thursday Night Football."

MATT HARMON: You know, it feels like Jerry Jeudy gets a lot of flack in the fantasy community, so I admire your commitment to this player. Man, I was committed to drafting a lot of Nyheim Hines over the summer, and it hasn't really gone great so far. He hasn't really had the big passing-down role that I feel like Frank Reich promised us.

But if there was ever a moment for Nyheim Hines to have one of his trademark, primetime eruption spots, it would seemingly be this one with Jonathan Taylor dealing with some sort of high-ankle sprain. The degree, the severity of it is kind of still up in the air. But regardless, I feel like this is the spot for Nyheim Hines to get more involved. And let's not forget, Dalton, in the preseason-- I know there's all this question about are they going to use Deon Jackson? Are they going to elevate Philip Lindsay off the practice squad?

But in the preseason when Jonathan Taylor didn't play, they actually rolled Nyheim Hines out as a feature back, so I would actually expect them to do that. This is just going to be more Nyheim Hines, not necessarily some of these other goofball running backs. I feel like Hines, if you need an RB2, you're dealing with a lot of injuries at that spot, I would trust him. As volatile as he's been, I would trust him in this spot.

DALTON DEL DON: Like the Hines pick. My other prime pick throughout the league this week is Breece Hall against Miami. Now, admittedly, the Dolphins are a better matchup for passing than running, but Hall continues to see his playing time increase while he's quietly taking over the lead back role in New York. The rookie saw the second-most opportunities in the red zone among all backs last week. That's carries and targets.

Hall is also among the league leaders in explosive rush rate while his teammate, Michael Carter, ranks toward the bottom of the league. But most importantly, Hall saw six targets last week in his first game with Zach Wilson at quarterback. The rookie somehow leads all pass catchers in the NFL in targets per route run rate.

Jets games have sneakily averaged the second most combined plays in the NFL this season. So Hall, who is admittedly dealing with some nicks and bruises-- assuming he's OK, he's my other prime pick this week. A breakout is just waiting to happen with the rookie.

MATT HARMON: 100%. We talked about him on a recent episode of the podcast. The way he's getting targeted, and also targeted a little further downfield than most running backs, is really juicy for the rookie there in New York. I'll go with another rookie here, Romeo Doubs.

I know that the cute little Twitter talking point after he had that drop, or he lost the ball in the end zone, the fumble was caused by-- or the drop was caused by the ground, whatever. I know there was a cute Twitter talking point that, oh, Aaron Rodgers is never going to throw that guy again. Well, you're already wrong. He threw to him twice on the game-winning field goal drive.

It's very clear that Romeo Doubs, number one, is in the circle of trust and, two, can play, man. He can get open against man coverage. He can win on some of those comeback routes, some of those back-shoulder routes that really is all about timing and chemistry with your quarterback. And we're seeing that with Romeo Doubs and Aaron Rodgers right now.

This matchup against the Giants, it's going to be important to have timing. It's going to be important to have the ability to separate against man coverage with that defense over there in New York. Wink Martindale will throw the kitchen sink at you. Aaron Rodgers certainly can beat the blitz, can beat man coverage. And I think Romeo Doubs right now does profile as his number one outside receiver, despite being just a day-three rookie. That guy can really ball.

Thanks, as always, Dalton. Be sure to get those Prime Video Picks into your lineup, and don't miss the Broncos and Colts Thursday night. Pregame coverage begins at 7:00 PM Eastern Time only on Amazon Prime Video.