Don't Lie to Your Mom About What 'Bussy' Means or This Might Happen

A viral tweet shows exactly what might happen if you lie to your parents about the definitions of gay slang.

Professional cake maker Jon Manganello brushed his mom off with a little white lie when she asked what "bussy" meant but see when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite. He shared the exchange on Twitter and the post now has nearly 100k likes and hundreds of replies.

“I told my mom ‘bussy’ meant boy,” wrote Manganello. “She just sent photos of me and my brothers from our trip to Paris.”

Manganello's mom took the definition to heart and captioned the photos from their France family trip, "3 Bussy's in Paris", "1 little bussy at the Eiffel Tower", and "2 bussy's at L'Arc de Triumph."

Twitter couldn't contain their laughter.

Don't fret though! It seems the whole family has a sense of humor! Manganello told his mom what bussy meant and she had the best response:

"I know," she replied. "How about Bunt!"

You know what they say about the family that laughs together...

The meme potential is of course, endless

“men after getting their bussy waxed ”

One user on Reddit started a viral thread that asked: Replace One Word in Any Song with Bussy

Some highlight answers:

  • It's Safe to Say you Dig the Bussy

  • Strawbussy’s Wake

  • Chucky vs the Giant Bussy

  • Cream of the Bussy?

Who invented the Bussy?

THE Bussy is not that relevant today, because if you use Bussy in common language it will be assumed to be something quite adult. Bussy is a mash up of the words boy and pussy used to refer to a man's anus. While it is not clear who the original creator was, the word was coined and primarily used be members of the LGBTQ+ community and has been used since 1992.

What does Bussy mean

In the LGBT+ community the word Bussy is a reference to a man's vagina so to say.