Dolphins-Chiefs will become the latest Ice Bowl, with minus-5 at kickoff

The notorious Ice Bowl between the Cowboys and the Packers was played at minus-13 degrees. Other games since then have come close. Tonight's Dolphins-Chiefs game becomes the latest.

The current forecast has the temperature at minus-5 when the game starts. It is expected to drop to minus-8 by the time the game ends. With wind gusts approaching 30 miles per hour, the National Weather Services has issued a warning: "Avoid outside activities if possible. When outside, make sure you wear appropriate clothing, a hat, and gloves."

The NWS adds that exposed skin can become frostbitten in as little as 10 minutes.

Via, the coldest game in NFL history was the Ice Bowl. Next was the January 1982 AFC Championship between the Chargers and Bengals, with a kickoff temperature of minus-9 (the wind chill was 59 below). Third on the list is the January 2016 Seahawks-Vikings wild-card game played outdoors in Minnesota while the team's current stadium was being built. It was six below that day. Fourth, the January 2008 NFC Championship between the Giants and the Packers. The temperature was four below.

Dolphins-Chiefs has a chance to supplant what was Brett Favre's final game as a Packer for fourth on the list. Which underscores the consequences to the Dolphins of losing last Sunday night — and blowing the chance to play at least two, if not three, postseason games in Miami.