Denver Broncos’ top-12 all-time leaders in return yards

From wide Rick Upchurch to Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Floyd Little, the Denver Broncos have had some brilliant kick and punt returners in their history.

Upchurch ranks No. 1 on the team’s all-time return list with 5,363 yards, almost 2,000 yards more than the next-highest player (Little with 3,416 yards).

The team’s most recent game-changing returner was arguably Trindon Holliday, who ranks No. 11 on the team’s all-time return list despite playing just two seasons in Denver. Holliday might have had a longer tenure with the Broncos if not for his fumbles (he had 10 in 25 games).

Here’s a quick look at the top-12 players on the team’s all-time list for combined punt and kickoff return yards.

Rick Upchurch: 5,363 yards (1975-1983)

Floyd Little: 3,416 yards (1967-1975)

Glyn Milburn: 3,408 yards (1993-1995)

Vaughn Hebron: 3,324 yards (1996-1998)

Bill Thompson: 2,970 yards (1969-1981)

Deltha O'Neal: 2,570 yards (2000-2003)

Ken Bell: 2,365 yards (1986-1989)

(RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports)
(RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports)

Eddie Royal: 2,342 yards (2008-2011)

Odell Barry: 2,215 yards (1964-1965)

Chris Cole: 2,105 yards (2000-2003)

Trindon Holliday: 1,738 yards (2012-2013)

Vance Johnson: 1,716 yards (1985-1995)

Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire