DeMarcus Cousins laughs off angry Cavs fan who says Cousins 'ruined the NBA'

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/players/4720/" data-ylk="slk:DeMarcus Cousins">DeMarcus Cousins</a> responded to a heckling fan with a smile. (AP Photo)
DeMarcus Cousins responded to a heckling fan with a smile. (AP Photo)

DeMarcus Cousins surprised more than a few NBA fans by signing with the Golden State Warriors in the offseason. If healthy, Cousins could give the Warriors a starting lineup full of All-Stars. The most dominant team in the NBA got even better.

This was apparently too much for one Cleveland Cavaliers fan, who decided to tell a rehabbing Cousins he “ruined the NBA.”

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How did Cousins respond to that? In the best way possible.

Cousins responded with an amused grin that eventually turned into a full smile.

This, of course, only made the angry Cavs fan more upset. After telling Cousins he “ruined the NBA,” the fan shouts, “It’s real funny.”

After a while, it appeared the fans sitting around the man got tired of his yelling. The angry Cavs fan waved off their comments by saying Cousins “destroyed the league.” That’s when the video ends.

That leaves plenty of unanswered questions, the most important of which being: Who wears a Cavs jersey to a game featuring the Warriors and the Denver Nuggets?

Ultimately, the fan saw the Warriors lose. The Nuggets narrowly defeated the defending champs 100-99.

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