Dan Orlovsky bizarrely claims Joe Montana not top-5 NFL QB all time

Orlovsky bizarrely claims Montana not a top-5 QB of all time originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Talk about a really hot take.

On Thursday's episode of ESPN's "First Take," former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky unleashed a take so hot regarding the top five NFL quarterbacks of all time, it is almost volcanic.

"If Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in the history of the game, who was the greatest quarterback before him?" Keysahwn Johnson asked Orlovsky.

"John Elway or Peyton Manning, [Dan] Marino?" Orlovsky hesitantly replied, much to the surprise of Johnson and Damien Woody, his co-hosts.

Upon hearing that list, with the omission of 49ers legend Joe Montana, Johnson was incredulous.

"Come on man, you're either doing this to troll people and get your Twitter game up or your Instagram game or your TikTok," Johnson retorted. "How the hell you lose Joe Montana off this list? What's wrong with you?

"Before there was Brady, there was a Montana."

Orlovsky, with his back to the wall, figuratively speaking, explained why he left Montana, universally known as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, off his list.

"I'm not trying to be disrespectful, I mean I'm Dan Orlovsky, I'm not being disrespectful to Joe Montana," he said. "I'm aware of him. But the accruement of numbers, if that's a word, does matter.

"Drew Brees should be in the conversation too, I'll say it again."

A laughing Damien Woody shared his two cents after hearing Orlovsky placed Brees over the 49ers great.

"Drew Brees better than Joe Montana? Now we're getting too far off in the weeds here," Woody said.

Johnson was not amused by Orlovsky's burning hot take, telling the former quarterback to "go back to the casino," much to the latter's chagrin.

"I don't gamble man -- I work too hard for my money. I'm not trying to give it away," Orlovsky replied back.

"Go to the smoker's lounge or something man," Johnson responded, seemingly ending the conversation there.

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For Orlovsky to leave Montana, a four-time Super Bowl champion, three-time Super Bowl MVP, and two-time NFL MVP -- among many other accolades -- off his list of top-five quarterbacks of all time certainly is a choice.

Here's hoping Orlovsky did not get too badly burned for his volcanic take.

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