Dak Prescott to critics: 'Keep questioning me ... You don't know me'

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After a rookie season and an early 2017 in which Dak Prescott established himself as a legit star and the Cowboys as a legit postseason contender, everything has gone straight to hell in Big D. And now, Prescott is firing back at the critics who are questioning his leadership.

“Keep questioning me,” Prescott said, per Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “Obviously if you’re questioning me, you don’t know me and you don’t know what I’m about. So keep questioning me. Have fun at it.”

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The Cowboys entered the season as a near-certain playoff pick, and lived up to that billing in the first half of the season. But since Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension, they’ve lost three straight and averaged just 7.3 points per game while doing so. The lowest of low points came on Thanksgiving, when the Los Angeles Chargers depantsed the Cowboys in front of the entire country 28-6.

It’s not going great at the moment for Dak Prescott. (AP)
It’s not going great at the moment for Dak Prescott. (AP)

Granted, this isn’t Prescott’s fault alone. He doesn’t play running back, and he can’t play offensive line for himself. He can’t catch his own passes, and he doesn’t play on a defense that’s allowed an average of more than 30 points the past three games. But he’s turned the ball over six times in the past two weeks, including five interceptions, and he hasn’t topped 179 yards passing in any of the three recent losses.

Prescott further noted that the coaching staff doesn’t deserve blame for the current mess, either. “Look into it deeper,” he said. “You must not know much if you’re just pointing fingers at the coaching staff, or pointing fingers at anybody, really. Then you don’t know enough. Look into it more.”

There’s no more prestigious position in sports than Dallas Cowboys quarterback … and, as Prescott is about to learn, no lonelier position when things are going poorly, either. The Cowboys get bitter rival Washington at home to open Week 13 on Thursday night, and if that game goes poorly for the boys in blue, Prescott is not going to be able to hear any questioning over the sounds of boos.

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