D.J. Moore has 'been talking for a few days' with Bears' Justin Fields

D.J. Moore has 'been talking for a few days' with Fields originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

D.J. Moore and Justin Fields hit the ground running on getting to know each other.

Immediately upon Moore's arrival, the standout wide receiver met with Fields for dinner. He met a few other players at Halas Hall, too.

"I'm real excited," Moore said on playing with Fields. "I heard a lot of good things we've been talking about for a few days, so looking forward to getting on the field."

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The Bears' signal-caller is running point on parts of communication this offseason. He's also been a crucial point in talking with free agents this offseason.

Going further with Moore, he, Fields, Chase Claypool and Darnell Mooney were spotted at the Chicago Bulls home game against the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night.

Moore is becoming well-acquainted with the Bears at a rapid rate. He mentioned he's already spoken to Mooney about how his presence helps the latter and Claypool thrive in the offense.

"I was talking to Mooney, we were talking about being together with Chase, me and him," Moore said to the media on Thursday. "How it's just going to elevate the offense and just elevate Justin at the same time."

The hope for Moore's inclusion in the Bears' offense is not only that he can thrive and replicate the success he saw with the Carolina Panthers with below-average quarterback talent, but also take pressure off the other receivers.

It became clear last season Mooney was not ready to step into a premiere pass-catching role. He failed to reach 500 receiving yards and suffocated under immense defensive attention from opponents. Without another weapon alongside him, he struggled to create individual success.

When Allen Robinson was around, Mooney thrived. During his sophomore season, he caught for over 1,000 yards and four touchdowns. Those numbers decreased significantly when Robinson left the Bears for the Los Angeles Rams in free agency.

As for Claypool, he too failed to meet expectations last season. The 24-year-old receiver barely scraped together 100 yards by the season's end in 10 games. He did not adjust to the offense and failed to see the field enough to create an impact. Hopefully, in his situation, an entire offseason, and Moore's presence, will allow him to see success in the Bears' offense.

"The way that we got me here was to better the franchise," Moore said. "So that's what I'm here to do. I'm going to put my head down and work hard every day and just go from there."

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