Cowboys lasso Colts, score 54 points in huge SNF win I The Rush

The Cowboys handled the Colts for a blowout Sunday Night win, Jimmy Garoppolo broke his foot in the 49ers win over the Dolphins and will miss the rest of the season and Deshaun Watson struggled in his return to football action against his former team. PLUS: Minty tells 49ers fans not to despair, because a new era is about to begin in San Francisco: the Sturdy Purdy era!

Video Transcript


MINTY BETS: And horse theme Sunday night showdown, the Cowboys Lasso the Colts into submission. Dallas ran their record up to 9 and 3, while poor Indy wallows around at 4, 8, and 1.

- Ew.

Everyone down the stretch will be critical come wild card time, since the NFC East is surprisingly good this year.

- Oh, it's definitely the end times.

- Playing in his first NFL game since the 2020 season, Deshaun Watson received quite the unwarm welcome in Houston.


Watson was suspended for the first 11 games of the season stemming from sexual misconduct allegations by more than 20 women while he was a member of the Texans. The Browns decided to, kind of, overlook the whole darn thing--

- Obviously.

MINTY BETS: --And give Watson a $230 million contract presumably to play at a high level and win football games. And against his former team, Watson and the Browns did get the 27 to 14 win thanks to defense and special teams. Watson did not play like a guy worth $230 million. He went 12 of 22 for 131 yards, no touchdowns, and an interception. It's way too early for the Browns to claim buyer's remorse, of course, but Texans fans won't be the only ones booing Deshaun if he struggles going forward.

Disasters seemingly struck the 49ers not even five minutes into their game against the Dolphins when they lost Jimmy Garoppolo to a foot injury.

- It's all over.

MINTY BETS: Not quite. Some dude named Brock Purdy stepped in under center and was purdy good.

- Oh, I see what you did.

MINTY BETS: But what really saved San Francisco was Christian McCaffrey's 146 yards from scrimmage along with a touchdown and the Niners defense that forced three Miami interceptions. Unfortunately, Jimmy G's foot requires season ending surgery. Combine that with Trey Lance being on the IR, and it's looking grim in San Francisco.

- It's over now.

MINTY BETS: No, I don't want to hear that defeatist attitude. The Niners have a great team. And all they need is Purdy to be sturdy, and they have a great chance. If they pull it off, sturdy Purdy will be the stuff of legends.