How could pre-draft decisions impact Marvin Harrison Jr. in Arizona? | Zero Blitz

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz, Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab discuss how the Cardinals wide receiver's handling of the pre-draft process could impact his rookie season in Arizona. Hear the full conversation on the “Zero Blitz” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

Marvin Harrison junior, I just, just in general, like, what, like what is gonna happen with him, uh, like on the field will definitely whitewash anything else.

So if he goes out and he's the Marvin Harrison Junior that we saw at Ohio State that people have been expecting for a long time.

You know, there's not gonna be a lot of talk about anything else surrounding him, but let's be real leading into the NFL.

Good God.

And it's not, it's not like it's anything that absolutely is a, is a deal breaker in any way, shape or form.


Yeah, he sat out the entire draft process.


I've never seen anybody do that where they're just like, yeah, not gonna do any thing.

And because I know my value which by the way he was right.

He was, I do anything.

He was 100% right.

He went for, he was going for no matter what, but still he did it, which became a thing around him.

You're like, ok, wow, he's, he's doing it his own way.


He's doing things off the field that are just different in terms of how he handles his brand coming into the league and also his talent.

Now he's getting sued by fanatics, the massive apparel company, million dollar, you know, deal that he signed in 2023.

They're saying he's in breach of for it.

Didn't go to the NFL P A.

Events still has not signed off on his licensing deal with the NFL P A probably because all this fanatics garbage.

That's, that's all tied up in this.

It's just a lot again, I don't think it'll matter if he balls out, but it's been a while since I can remember.

Receiver coming into the league where I'm like, man, we are talking about a lot of like just kind of like side drama stuff again, not the worst things in the world, but it is a lot of side drama stuff that has to do with who like his brand, how he handles his talent, him doing his, his thing, his own way.

That's how his career starting office is always interesting to me.

II, I actually appreciate a lot of it because like you said, Marvin Harrison said I'm going forward whether I do any of this or not.

So I'm not sure I'm not going to talk to anybody at the combine.

I'm not gonna work out.

I'm not doing your private workouts.

What do I care?

You're drafted before, regardless.

He goes number four.

And I think other guys later on are gonna say, wow, Marvin Harrison did that.

I do that when we worked with Damien Harris on the draft show.

He pointed out to your point.

See, Rob, that Damon saying, you know, look, if Marvin's great, it's no issue, everybody's gonna love him.

If he's not right out of the gates like this all becomes part of the conversation.

Like if you're not signing the NFL P A deal and all of a sudden you're not having your jersey sold and you're not in the video games and all these things that becomes a little competition in the locker room fits.

It's not, that's one thing that's key here too.

None of this is inside of any kind of team structure.

But if it starts to bleed into what is going on inside the Cardinals organization, like it did for Kyler Murray, then maybe things are a little different.