The complete FC 24 chemistry styles list explained

 FC 24.
FC 24.

The FC 24 chemistry styles list is essential to Ultimate Team success, particularly with Team of the Season cards now swamping the mode. These EA Sports FC 24 items enable you to enhance key player attributes such as pace, power, and shooting, to give your dream team a truly unique feel. There are 26 in total, and we explain what they all do in your FC 24 chemistry styles guide.

What are FC 24 chemistry styles?


FC 24 features 26 different chemistry styles cards, all of which can be found in packs or purchased off the transfer market. Two of these are GK Basic and Basic, which effectively reset an individual's stats to the default ones on his card. This is especially handy when you pick up FC 24 Base Icons or FC 24 Heroes, who've often had a chemistry style applied by their previous owner.

Each chemistry style buffs either two or three main attributes, as outlined by the third and fourth columns in the tables below. Hunter and Shadow are the hardest to come by (and therefore most expensive on the transfer market) given that both award a considerable pace boost.

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These are all of the FC 24 chemistry styles found in this year's game, and the maximum possible buff when applied to a player on full 'chem'.

FC 24 chemistry styles: Goalkeeper

FC 24 chemistry styles: Defence

FC 24 chemistry styles: Midfield

FC 24 chemistry styles: Attack