Collision alert: Mason Marchand holds on for a terrific catch

Mason Marchand might just be getting a call from Illinois football head coach Bret Bielema tomorrow. The center fielder certainly knows how to make a catch and hold onto the ball.

Playing for Washington Community High School (Washington, Illinois), Marchand made an impressive catch while running into his left fielder Gabe Perez. Both players covered some good ground to get in on the play but Marchand was impressive in getting a good break on what was some solid contact from Seth Harmon of Illinois Valley Central (Chillicothe, Illinois).

Marchand broke well towards the left-center gap and just beat Perez to the ball. Both players went towards the ball at full speed.

In the process of trying to make a play, Perez laid out Marchand, who went flying to the ground. Despite a pretty decent thud, Marchand did not drop the ball.


Come to think of it, Bielema might be interested in Perez too. After all, Perez never left his feet, there was no targeting and he delivered a wicked hit on the play.


Story originally appeared on High School Sports