Colin Cowherd co-host guarantees Broncos better than Seahawks in 2023

The Seattle Seahawks were (in)famously doubted all last offseason after they traded away franchise quarterback Russell Wilson. Many believed they were going into a full-blown rebuild season, and the only thing they would be competing for would be a top five draft pick.

Well, the Seahawks got their top five draft pick… courtesy of the 5-12 Denver Broncos. Meanwhile, Seattle returned to the postseason.

There was a lot of crow being eaten about the Seahawks, but none more than Fox Sports’ Jason McIntyre, who had to shave a Seattle logo in his hair because he lost his bet the Seahawks would finish with a sub-.500 record.

However, it seems McIntyre hasn’t learned his lesson. On Monday’s edition of The Herd, where he is co-host, he and Colin Cowherd were discussing the bombshell Russell Wilson report in The Athletic. Neither McIntyre nor host Cowherd were thrilled at the report, as both believe the media is unfairly piling on Wilson.

But when Cowherd said “but Pete (Carroll) got the last laugh this year,” McIntyre made another bold claim:

“Well, for now,” McIntyre exclaimed. “You can take the short term win, but I guarantee you Denver is better than Seattle next year. C’mon, Sean Payton and Russell Wilson?”

Sounds like perhaps another bet is in order. The full segment can be be found on the February 27th edition of The Herd, Hour 1, at the 29:00 minute mark, wherever you listen to podcasts.

Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire