Colin Cowherd argues Justin Fields isn't the answer for the Bears

Colin Cowherd argues Justin Fields isn't the answer for the Bears originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Since the Bears' snowy win at Soldier Field over the Atlanta Falcons (and even somewhat before then, I'll admit), the Justin Fields train has picked up more passengers.

He's earned the vote of confidence from his teammates, his coaches, the fans and plenty of media. But one national NFL analyst isn't won over by the Bears' third-year quarterback.

"Here's the uncomfortable truth about Justin Fields—the only quarterback in the last three seasons that is inarguably a worse passer: Zach Wilson," Colin Cowherd said on his show, The Herd. "I know you like the highlights. Misses games, turnovers, doesn't win."

Cowherd argued a fair number of points about Fields' undesirable numbers and statistics.

In his career, Fields is 10-27 as a starter, having missed 11 starts in his career, which Cowherd believes is too many to miss. His career completion percentage is a tick over 60%, clocking in at 60.2%. He chucks up 167 passing yards per game. And Fields has 40 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in his career. His career passer rating is 82.0.

Let the record show that Fields' numbers have improved this season. He's thrown for over 2,400 yards in 12 games (201 yards per game), along with 16 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He's rushed for 630 yards and four touchdowns, too.

But Cowherd has a point about his numbers. They are technically better than his two prior seasons. But only marginally. Just look at his passer rating. Fields finished with a 73.2 rating his rookie year, 85.2 his sophomore season and 85.8 this season. Same for QBR. It was 26.4 his rookie season, 56.3 in Year 2 and 46.3 this season.

And remember, Fields is playing Year 3 with several upgrades. He has a No. 1 receiver in DJ Moore, an upgraded offensive line with Darnell Wright, a strong run game and more time in Luke Getsy's system — which Fields & Co. have admitted makes playing more comfortable.

The question is — through three years, are the Bears confident in the quarterback Fields has become and will become down the line?

Cowherd isn't. He believes there's a far better one waiting in the 2024 NFL draft.

"To me, it's really easy. I get Caleb [Williams], who's a better product, a more accurate passer," Cowherd said. "And I can restart the clock (contract clock) ... I move him [Fields] to Atlanta preferably, maybe Washington, for a second-round pick."

It's true. The Bears legitimately could switch out Fields for another quarterback. Whether it's Williams, Drake Maye, Jaden McDaniel, Michael Penix Jr., etc. They have the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL draft.

And, according to reports, there is a market for Fields. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported Fields' market is likely a second- or third-round pick in the draft. However, the price for the No. 1 pick could yield them more than the Bears received from the Panthers for the 2023 No. 1 pick last March.

But, you want the quarterback right over biasing the trade packages. To Cowherd, that's Williams.

"But I think this quarterback class ... I've got five guys going in the top 12," Cowherd said. "You can give me all those draft picks and all those players. I want a star quarterback. And I think Caleb Williams, that's what a star quarterback looks like."

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