Cleveland shoots back at billboards urging LeBron James to join 76ers

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Not so fast, Philadelphia 76ers fans. You may have gotten ahead of free agency with your billboards attempting to lure LeBron James to the team, but he still resides in Cleveland for now.

Turns out, the people of Cleveland aren’t all that happy about the prospect of another fanbase trying to steal James. Some businesses in the city decided to let them know about that, putting up their own sign reminding every other fanbase James is currently a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The sign reads “Hey Philly.” Below that is a picture of a crown in a curious shape. There are five points on the crown, and the middle one is extended. You can probably figure out what they were going for there. Below that picture is the hashtag #TheLandOfTheKing.

On Monday a trio of billboards appeared in downtown Cleveland attempting to convince James to sign with the 76ers in the offseason. One of the signs read #PhillyWantsLeBron.

James is obviously a member of the Cavaliers for now, but that may change in the offseason. James has kept quiet about his plans on that front, but it’s possible he’ll consider other options. Leaving the city of Cleveland twice in his career would be a tough blow, but it’s a realistic possibility.

After years of struggling, the 76ers are finally playing competent basketball. The team is young and talented, and would be a perennial contender with James. You could say that about a lot of teams, though.

Billboards probably aren’t going to be the thing that sway James, but they can’t hurt, right? With James staying quiet about his decision this time around, at least we’ll get some solid drama from fanbases fighting for his affection.

The people of Cleveland have made it clear that LeBron James still plays in their city. (AP Photo)
The people of Cleveland have made it clear that LeBron James still plays in their city. (AP Photo)

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