Cleveland Indians use Chief Wahoo logo one last inappropriate time

The Cleveland Indians took two losses Monday: one was falling 11-3 to the Houston Astros, getting eliminated from the 2018 postseason, and the other was donning their Chief Wahoo logo one last time — on a highly inappropriate day.

Monday was Columbus Day, also known as Indigenous Peoples Day in some states. Columbus Day controversially commemorates Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas, which was followed by mass genocide and colonization of the Native Americans who were there prior to his arrival. Indigenous Peoples Day has been adopted in its stead to celebrate the culture of those native peoples.

So, naturally, the Indians donned their racist Native American caricature logo to celebrate the occasion.

Wait … that can’t be right, can it? No one with a basic grasp of United States history would overlook the horrible irony, right?


The Indians donned the Chief Wahoo logo on their sleeves and caps Monday. (AP Photo)
The Indians donned the Chief Wahoo logo on their sleeves and caps Monday. (AP Photo)

Chief Wahoo’s rocky history ends fittingly

Cleveland’s use of the Chief Wahoo logo, which earlier this year was deemed “no longer appropriate” by Major League Baseball, is set to see its final days in 2018. If all goes according to plan, Monday’s game was the final time team members will wear the patch on their uniforms and caps.

Wahoo’s presence on team paraphernalia has long been debated, but the issue took on a new life when the team made the 2016 World Series. A few years ago, the team was phasing out use in favor of its block “C” logo, but continued selling Wahoo-branded gear and wearing Wahoo caps and patches on occasion.

The team will continue using the name “Indians,” as well as using Wahoo’s likeness of promotional materials, so this is just a baby step toward eliminating the team’s offensive connections.

But if Monday’s game was really Wahoo’s final on-field outing, let us all join in bidding farewell to a logo that will leave as inappropriately as it arrived.

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