Christoval’s home run sisters: Dominating the softball diamond

SAN ANGELO, Texas — “She was a freshman last year. That was our first year to play together. We’ve loved it ever since. I like having my sister on my team,” said senior shortstop Lexie Young.

Lexie and Aubrey Young, renowned as the “Home Run Sisters” of Christoval softball, have left their mark this season, with Aubrey notching an impressive six home runs, closely followed by Lexie with five. One cherished memory they share is a special moment from earlier in the season.

“When we played Winters this year, we both hit a home run in that game, and that was our first game to both hit one in the same game,” said Lexie.

In her final year playing with her big sister, Aubrey has found constant encouragement from Lexie throughout every game.

“It encourages me a lot because I look up to her so much, and throughout all the years we’ve played, I’ve always looked up to her, and she encourages me the most out of anyone on the team,” said Aubrey.

The games stay enjoyable as their dad initiated a tradition of rewarding the girls with a Bundt Cake for hitting home runs, a gesture they both cherish.

“We hit our first home runs, and my dad got us Bundt Cakes, and he brought them to the school, and then we started hitting more home runs. So he said, “We will make this a thing now. Every time you hit a home run, I’ll bring a bundt cake,” said Lexie.

“The front office lady is always so excited when my dad brings it in. She’s like, “Oh, y’all hit another one?” It’s just enjoyable, and it makes it fun,” said Aubrey.

The girls aim to sustain their success throughout the season while savoring every moment they share.

“Just make the most out of every game and every moment and every practice, and I want to enjoy spending my last games with her,” said Aubrey.

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