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Are Christian Kirk and AJ Green good matchups against the Indianapolis Colts?

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Liz Loza and Dalton Del Don make sense of the Cardinals offense before they take on Indianapolis in their Week 16 matchup.

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Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: Colts are traveling to the Cardinals. This is the AFC five seed versus the NFC four seed. Obviously, the card's coming off of that disappointing loss. We don't have to talk about it much more.

But I do think there's an opportunity for Christian Kirk and/or AJ Green. I think a lot of people are a little bit higher on AJ Green last week in the absence of Nuk Hopkins. But instead, it was Christian Kirk who was getting the number one treatment. That should rotate.

We've seen Kyler kind of rotate behind, not even fully behind, frankly, Hopkins. But Rock Ya-Sin, who is a cornerback for the Colts, is on the COVID list. So he can't make it to the field. I think you might be able to see a little rebound for AJ Green. All of those people who maybe picked him up off of waivers once Nuk was done for the regular season.

DALTON DEL DON: It might Clay's matchups column was pointing out that the Colts have defended the slot really well. And it's a tougher match-up for Kirk. We expect Murray to bounce back. I'm not sure if he's 100% healthy with that ankle. Clearly, Conner isn't missing practice and banged up late in that Rams game.

But you got to expect the Cardinals to play better, coming off back to back losses. Although they have been more vulnerable at home. They were trying to become the first. You know, just to add to that.

You know, the Cardinals have won every road game this season by double digits. They were trying to become the first team ever to win all 8 by double digits. Instead, they lost by 18 as 13 point favorites,

But yeah. Yeah, I really like it. This is maybe going to be a little contrarian. But I kind of like Jonathan Taylor in this match-up as well. The Cardinals are vulnerable to the run. And obviously, he's just putting up a beastly numbers. He's the clear number one pick in all fantasy drafts next year.

And I like Pittman to bounce back, too, after that weird ejection last week and Wentz throw in so fewer passes. I expect this game to be a little bit more higher scoring.

LIZ LOZA: I agree with that. Also, just to note on James Conner, since you mentioned him not being fully healthy, it was an ankle issue initially. But according to the practice reports, he did not practice on Wednesday. He was sidelined for the practice. It's now a heel issue.

So maybe an aggravation, maybe a cascading situation, I do think that this is an opportunity-- you know, I said this on the Sunday night pod. I had prioritized Chase Edmonds in DFS, kind of assuming that James Conner wouldn't see as much of a workload as he ended up seeing where he suffered some sort of setback.

Well, looks like he did suffer some sort of a setback just not in game enough. And Chase Edmonds, therefore, I think could see a larger role. Though, you know, it is obviously against Arizona State law to allow him to score or work in the red area near the end zone.

DALTON DEL DON: Yeah. Even in a tougher match-up, if Connor misses this, big boost for Chase Edmonds, for sure. Second week back to from the layoff, too. So yeah, definitely situation to pay attention to. But you're right, yeah. Edmond says how many career carries inside the 5, 1, or 2, or something like that. Yeah, they refused to give him any love down there.