Chip Kelly to Ohio State, DeShaun Foster takes over at UCLA & is Power Slap the next great sport?

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Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger & SI’s Pat Forde kick off the podcast breaking down the coaching turnover that took place over the last few days at UCLA.

It all started when UCLA head coach Chip Kelly decided to take the open offensive coordinator position at Ohio State late last week. Kelly made waves by leaving a respected head coaching position to become a coordinator within the Big Ten (which is now home to both universities). The guys wonder if this move could signal the new nature of college head coaches or if UCLA wasn’t doing enough on their end to get a great football program going.

Meanwhile, DeShaun Foster will be the next man to take the helm for the Bruins. The podcast wants to see the UCLA alum and former NFL running back tap into the rich recruiting bed of California to make the program more competitive.

This week, Pat reflected on one of the craziest coaching offseasons in history, the 2018 coaching derby. After 6 years, only one coach from the historic pool is still at their program.

Later, Ross provides an update on the Tennessee vs. NCAA hearing & when fans can hope for a decision.

Outside of sports, country singer Toby Keith passed away last week, so the crew reflects on his career and fandom of Oklahoma athletics.

Lastly, Dan is on trial in the People’s Court for attending a controversial new sport.

1:00 - Chip Kelly to be the next Ohio State offensive coordinator

25:27 - UCLA hires DeShaun Foster to be the next head coach

38:38 - Looking back at the 2018 coaching derby

46:10 - Latest on the Tennessee vs. NCAA hearing

52:05 - Toby Keith’s Oklahoma fandom

55:31 - The People’s Court: is Power Slap on the rise?

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Chip Kelly on the sidelines vs Boise State
(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
Chip Kelly on the sidelines vs Boise State (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
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