Will the Chiefs play a game in Germany in 2023?

After securing international home marketing rights for Germany and Mexico in December, the Kansas City Chiefs were expected to be one of the teams chosen to play on the international stage in 2022. That didn’t end up happening, but new information suggests that the Chiefs could be getting a game in Germany during the 2023 NFL season.

Speaking with the cousin of german fullback Jakob Johnson in a YouTube video, Chiefs rookie CB Joshua Williams says that there will be a regular-season game played in Germany next year. In the video, Williams also shows his draft selection clip, where he was announced by former German soccer player Oliver Bierhoff.

“There will be next year,” Williams said. “And it’s going to be played in Germany. I’m not sure which city, but I’m excited. I’ve never been to Germany. I have family (who have) and they loved it there. They said it’s beautiful. I’m excited to go there and play a game.”

German NFL enthusiast René Bugner shared the clip on Twitter:

It’s unlikely that Williams has heard anything official from the NFL as scheduling announcements won’t come until next summer. The NFL will play three more games in Germany between 2022-2025, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see Kansas City get one of those games. After all, team ownership has strong ties in the area, including a partnership with FC Bayern Munich, whose stadium will host the NFL match in Munich this year.

The Chiefs also recently established an international expansion advisory board comprised of leaders from a number of different German companies. That group includes FC Bayern board member Andreas Jung, who said the following in the press release:

“The Kansas City Chiefs have shown great commitment to the growth of American football in Germany. FC Bayern understands the value of having an international presence to learn and advise on how to better connect with local fans, which can be seen with our offices in New York, Shanghai and Bangkok. I look forward to working with the Chiefs Advisory Board, offering strategic guidance and support.”

Speaking to reporters during the 2022 NFL draft, Chiefs CEO and Chairman Clark Hunt had this to add about playing in Germany:

“The league will be playing a number of international games. I’m hopeful that we’ll be one of them. If we’re notselected this year, I think we’ll be selected in the next two or three years. Obviously, we would be excited to play in Germany if the opportunity presents itself.”

Whether it’s 2023, 2024 or 2025, a game in Germany is likely coming for Kansas City.


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