Check out state-of-the-art, LED glass court with video NBA will use All-Star Saturday night

NBA: FEB 3 2024 NBA Allstar Game Preview
NBA: FEB 3 2024 NBA Allstar Game Preview

The 2024 NBA All-Star Game itself will be a return to tradition: East vs. West (no captains picking teams), four quarters of 12 minutes each (no target score), all played on an old-school wood court like has been used for basketball in the Hoosier State as long as anyone can remember.

All-Star Saturday night’s state-of-the-art LED court is anything but traditional.

It's almost less a basketball court than a huge glass television you can play basketball on, but it should add to the showmanship of Saturday night, which is better than the All-Star Game itself. For example, during the 3-Point Contest, the other end of the court can have statistics popping up in real-time, the kind of thing that used to be on the jumbotron hanging over the court.

"It gives us a little bit more range in what we can do as far as interactive graphics, reactionary graphics that happen on the floor, changing the floor design, changing the colors, really reacting to the play that happens on the court," said Carlton Myers, an NBA senior vice president, speaking to the Associated Press. "So, we feel really, really good about the capabilities of what this gives us, what this provides us. And we think it's going to be really impactful, both in the building and watching on television.”

Both NBA VP of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars and NBPA president Andre Iguodala — both legendary players — tested out the glass court themselves before signing off on this.

"What does it feel like? Does it have traction? Does it have give? Those were the questions that came to mind right away when you hear about this court," Dumars said via the AP. "And they were answered to our satisfaction.”

The court was designed and developed ASB GlassFloor and it isn't completely new, FIBA had an ASB GlassFloor court for the U19 Women's Basketball World Cup last July in Spain. However, this is the first time it has been used at any NBA events.