Chase Young giving to those in need prior to earning his first NFL paycheck

Yahoo Sports’ Michelle Gingras spoke with the Ohio State pass rusher about the praise he received from his former college coach, the chances of playing in the NFL with his hometown team, and why his draft day suit is stuck in Italy. Young joined Yahoo Sports thanks to Old Spice. Old Spice is donating $320,000 to the United Way on behalf of rookies from all 32 NFL teams.

Video Transcript

MICHELLE GINGRAS: Welcome in to Yahoo Sports. I'm Michelle Gingras, joined now by Ohio State defensive end Chase Young, joining us on behalf of Old Spice. We'll get to that in a couple of minutes.

But first, you've been the talk of the draft. Your coaches rave about you. Your former coach, Urban Meyer, came out the other day and said, God put together that guy, when he was asked about you. So you know, when you hear yourself described that way, as a young man, how does that make you feel?

CHASE YOUNG: Blessed. Only word I can really put for that. Me and Coach Meyer, we have a great relationship, because he was always a guy that would tell me the real. So that's why I always, you know, I had a lot of love for Coach Meyer, cause he can always tell me that real deal and what I needed.

MICHELLE GINGRAS: You're a Maryland kid, as we mentioned. You grew up just about-- I think-- 20 minutes from FedEx Field. I'm sure you thought about playing there, the potential of it, growing up. What would it mean to you if it actually became a reality and you were drafted number two by the Redskins?

CHASE YOUNG: It would definitely be an honor, you know, to come back. And not a lot of kids get to play for their hometown team. If that's where God allows me to go, then, you know, I'll go in there, put my best foot forward, like I would do any other team that drafts me.

MICHELLE GINGRAS: Has Dwayne Haskins reached out to you at all about what it might be like to be drafted by your hometown team?

CHASE YOUNG: Yeah, so you know, I knew Dwayne since high school. So it's even bigger than football. That's like family, so-- but he's definitely mentioned to me about the Redskins, about, you know, how it would make me feel playing with them. So--

MICHELLE GINGRAS: All right. So obviously, different draft format this year. You know, a lot of players in the past would rock like fresh suits they would get custom made. Are you still going to do something like that? Are you still going to dress up for this Occasion

CHASE YOUNG: Yeah, so for the draft, my suit was supposed to be-- Gucci was supposed to do my suit.


CHASE YOUNG: I know. And right now, they said that the suit is still in Italy.


CHASE YOUNG: They said they really don't even really want me wearing it cause it's coming from Italy, just with everything going on. So if I don't wear it, then I'll probably wear-- I'm not sure if you ever heard of it. It's called John Elliott.


CHASE YOUNG: But now, I'll be wearing that for the draft. So something more chill, not a suit.


CHASE YOUNG: Something appropriate, I would say.

MICHELLE GINGRAS: You can save that Gucci suit for the next big event. I'm sure there'll be plenty of them. All right. So you are here on behalf of Old Spice. Old Spice is donating $320,000 to the United Way on behalf of yourself and rookies from all 32 teams. What else can you tell me about this partnership and what makes you so proud to be associated with it?

CHASE YOUNG: Yeah, this is definitely a big reason why I'm definitely proud to be a part of Old Spice. Donating $320,000 to underprivileged families. You know, that's mind blowing. That's crazy. So I'm really happy to be a part of that. You know, they're just setting a precedence just to motivate us to be better in this time, this pandemic right now.

MICHELLE GINGRAS: Thanks, Chase. We really appreciate you taking the time to stop by. We cannot wait to see where you end up.

CHASE YOUNG: For sure.

MICHELLE GINGRAS: For all things NFL, make sure you keep it locked right here on Yahoo Sports.