Chargers' loyalty questions continue as Eagles fans arrive

In the latest example of why the Los Angeles Chargers‘ move from San Diego remains one of the most inexplicable in recent sports history, the team is defending itself against charges that it’s already tarping over sections of its stadium, the tiniest in the NFL.

Prior to Sunday afternoon’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles, a Philadelphia reporter pointed out that there were tarps covering the seats at the StubHub Center, capacity 27,000.

Chargers’ tarps. (Twitter/@LesBowen)
Chargers’ tarps. (Twitter/@LesBowen)

It appeared a damning indictment of the Chargers’ attendance woes; teams with attendance problems will often tarp off sections of the stadium to consolidate fans. But that wasn’t the case here, the Chargers said, telling Pro Football Talk that those locations have been tarped all season. There are no seats under the tarps; the Chargers said they have kept those areas covered until they can get a better feel for the concession/restroom situation.

Regardless, what’s clear is that the restrooms and concession areas at StubHub are being overrun by opposing teams. The Miami Dolphins faithful overran the stadium earlier this season, and on Sunday, Eagles fans had their way:

The Eagles dropped the Chargers to 0-4 with a 26-24 victory. They made sure to rub it in via social media.

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