Celtics tweet out picture of green Anthony Davis jersey after promo goes wrong

The Boston Celtics may want to be a little more careful on social media. The team made the mistake of tweeting out an Anthony Davis Celtics jersey Friday while trying to satisfy a fan request, according to NBC Sports.

The team was reportedly running a promotion that involved making phone wallpapers of any name and jersey number combination. When one fan asked for an Anthony Davis one, the Celtics obliged.

Unfortunately for the Celtics, that’s tampering. They quickly realized their mistake and deleted the tweet, but not before people were able to take some screenshots.

There are a few scenarios where the Celtics may have made an honest mistake. Perhaps someone with “Davis” as their surname tricked the team into making a No. 23 jersey. This is Twitter we’re talking about, so that must have been what happened, right? The Celtics wouldn’t have fulfilled an actual Anthony Davis request, would they?


They did. The person who made the request, a fan who goes by @stonefearing on Twitter, straight-up asked for an Anthony Davis Celtics jersey wallpaper. That Twitter user is using the image the Celtics sent back as their Twitter avatar to celebrate the moment.

Anthony Davis Pelicans.
Anthony Davis is still a member of the Pelicans. (AP Photo/Tyler Kaufman)

Davis is not currently a member of the Celtics. He’s still with the New Orleans Pelicans. The Celtics, however, have been mentioned in rumors as a possible trade candidate for Davis. The 26-year-old Davis could be traded during the offseason.

It’s unclear whether anything else will come out of this promotion gone wrong for the Celtics. The NBA is sensitive to tampering, and this could violate those rules. Teams can’t just tweet out their jerseys with the name and number of a player currently on another team. And since there’s evidence the Celtics weren’t duped into the error, that makes this whole fiasco look even worse.

The lesson here: Don’t engage in tampering even if it will make one of your fans happy. Even LeBron James is more subtle than that.


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