CeeDee Lamb is a certified WR1 for the Cowboys | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

In the latest edition of the "Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast" podcast, Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski discuss the Dallas Cowboys receiver's performance and why he's cemented his status as a top fantasy option. Hear the full conversation on the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Cowboys 25, Commanders 10. This was close at certain points, but Dallas really put it away. My one big takeaway from this game-- I'm done with any "Yeah, CeeDee Lamb is good, but how good is CeeDee Lamb" type of arguments or whatever. And that is for sure not a straw man-- I know people will accuse me of that. Like, spend any time on dynasty Twitter and people will tell you CeeDee Lamb has actually been a massive disappointment or whatever because he shared a frickin' passing game with Amari Cooper last year.

I don't think Amari Cooper is an elite player or anything like that. I don't even think Amari Cooper is a number one receiver. But he's still a guy that they traded a first-round pick for and they paid a lot of money. He's going to get 100 targets, at least, every year. And now just the circumstances are dramatically different.

And so far, through four weeks, 26% target share in Week One, 34%, 41%, 32% for CeeDee Lamb. The mark of a great receiver is do you command targets, and CeeDee Lamb has commanded targets. In this stretch with Cooper Rush as his quarterback, these last three weeks, he's gone for 259 yards on 21 catches. And he's done it all, man. I mean, he had the one big drop against the Giants, but pretty much this is what number one receivers do. Doesn't matter who's behind center, they command targets and they produce.

CeeDee Lamb, I think, I definitely freaked out after Week One because I was really aggressive on CeeDee Lamb this year. But the last three weeks have pretty much gone about as good as it possibly could for CeeDee Lamb.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Well said. I was being a little too cute when he made that drop against the Giants on Monday Night. I was like, oh God, I don't want to go back and look at all the players I could have taken instead of CeeDee Lamb. And all he's done since then is dominate. The rest of that game he was terrific. I thought he was very good today in a game where not many players really showed up for fantasy and the defenses controlled things. A lot of Tony Pollard questions this week. I mean, he doesn't even get to 10 yards rushing. Zeke was a tractor trailer pull. And the problem is the Cowboys' defense was so good, when they got in control of this game, the scope of the offense was like, OK, let's just take it easy. Don't turn the ball over.

You just say this about Cooper Rush-- the moment's never too big for that guy. And he's very composed. They might be getting Dak back, I would think, sometime this month. It sounds like he's on an accelerated timetable now. Granted, Russell Wilson came back from a similar injury last year, and he had several weeks of growing pains. You could argue he never got right once he returned last year. Every player is different, every injury is different. But obviously, if you own or roster Lamb, I should say, you want Dak back. But at least Cooper hasn't submarined the offense, and he certainly hasn't submarined CeeDee Lamb.

You talk about prove-it weeks, a lot of people asked about Dalton Schultz. And I didn't want to play him this week, but I didn't think he'd be as much of a non-factor as he was. It's at the point now where you can't, with any good conscience, get him in your lineup until he shows something. And interesting also, Michael Gallup, I probably wanted a prove-it week from him. He does score, but he only gets a couple of looks.

Noah Brown is pretty good, man. I think they found a solid third receiver. He's clicked with both quarterbacks, I thought, and I think he's going to catch probably 70 balls. I don't know that he'll be all that fantasy valuable because he'll probably end the year as like wide receiver 42 or something like that, but Noah Brown should be on a roster. And during the bye week season, even with Gallup back, I still think he's playable.