Casemiro eviscerated by Gary Neville: ‘He’s taken some criticism – he’s going to take some more’

Casemiro reacts

Casemiro was accused of a “basic error” as the Brazilian’s disastrous week continued in the first half of Manchester United’s meeting with Arsenal on Sunday.

Casemiro was widely derided for his performance against Crystal Palace on Monday night, when United were defeated 4-0, and his latest defensive error allowed Leandro Trossard to give Arsenal the lead at Old Trafford.

The 32-year-old, playing at centre-back because of United’s injury crisis, failed to push up after the ball was cleared and therefore played Kai Havertz onside a few moments later. Havertz then crossed for Trossard to score.

Gary Neville, on commentary for Sky Sports, described it as a “basic error” and said there was “no excuse” for Casemiro staying so deep on the pitch.

“Casemiro has got some criticism recently and he’s going to get a little bit more,” said Neville. “As soon as he goes past [Sofyan] Amrabat, Casemiro has to get up. Look at him jog, you see that ball being played and, once he doesn’t, he is in trouble.

“Trossard does what every good wide player does, makes that diagonal run inside the full back. Wan-Bissaka is caught out and it’s a simple one in the end.

“Casemiro’s experience in the game, he must have seen the ball had broken down and where Havertz was, he had to get up that bit quicker.

“There’s no doubt it’s not going to be easy for him. Before in the studio they said he needed protecting more, he’s actually had that. That is a basic error. You have to get up quicker and he ambles out and there is no excuse for that.”

Sky pundit Roy Keane later added: “Casemiro has to sprint out. He has to. I don’t know what he is doing. Why is he making a silly angle [for the goalkeeper]?

“You don’t have to be 100 per cent sprinting, but get up the pitch! This game is hard enough, you have to do the basics right and he hasn’t done the basics right. An experienced player gets up the pitch.”

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