Cam Newton claps back hard after trolling fan said he had no rings

Former New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton went in hard during a recent back-and-forth exchange with a fan.

“How many rings you got? Zero,” the fan could be heard saying in a video that has now gone viral, after Newton walked up to a crowd of onlookers during the exchange.

Newton admitted he had zero rings, and his response was met with the fan digging in even harder.

“We’ve got the same amount,” the fan said.

That last comment was enough to provoke the former NFL MVP into clapping back with an even harsher response.

“But we don’t got the same bank account,” Newton said, followed by a crude hand gesture.

Newton was immediately told he was “too famous” to be giving that sort of response to a fan, and he promptly responded by accusing the fan of playing the victim card.

“No, no, no—don’t play the victim now,” said Newton.

The reaction even drew a social media response from New Orleans Saints’ star defensive end Cameron Jordan.

Newton was once considered one of the best players in the NFL, but injuries took their toll on his body and likely robbed him of more great years in the league. He is also deeply active in his community and especially giving with his time and resources.

There are plenty of great players throughout NFL history that never won a championship, but that doesn’t make them any less deserving of respect for what they’ve accomplished on the football field.

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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire