C.J. Stroud tries to pick the best wide receiver he’s ever played with

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz is joined by the Houston Texans quarterback on Radio Row at Super Bowl LVIII to reflect on his incredible rookie season and what winning Rookie of the Year means to him. C.J. joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of C4 Energy Drink.

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: Hanging out with CJ Stroud, joining us on behalf of C4, which, by the way, I'm obsessed with. So we'll talk about C4 in a minute. But first, we got to play a game.

What's In The Cards? Higher or lower, simple. We've all done this, right? I'm going to flip over a card.

You tell me, is the next one going to be higher or lower. You get it right, you get an easy question. You get it wrong, you get a hard one. Are you ready?

CJ STROUD: Yes, sir.

JASON FITZ: All right. First question out of the gate. Oh man, it's a Jack. All right, I can't imagine what you're going to do here.


JASON FITZ: He goes lower. Not a big surprise. Oh, it's a queen. All of a sudden-- these were shuffled, by the way, for a long time.

CJ STROUD: That's cap.

JASON FITZ: He's looking at me. He doesn't--

CJ STROUD: That is so cap.

JASON FITZ: Look, hold on. Hold on. Before I ask him this hard question, I'm just going to shuffle these again, just so he trusts me.

CJ STROUD: That's a magic trick.

JASON FITZ: We got to have trust. All right, so now I get to ask you a tough question. We just met each other. Don't be mad. Best wide receiver you've ever played with?

CJ STROUD: I can't say multiple?

JASON FITZ: No. See, this is why I love asking quarterbacks this, because everybody wants to say multiple and you've played with some epic ones.

CJ STROUD: I would say Marvin Harrison Jr.

JASON FITZ: All right. All right.

CJ STROUD: But Jackson is right there. I don't know. It's hard. Nico, Tank. I don't know. It's a tough one.

JASON FITZ: See? Now he's doing it. He's backpedaling all this. Like, Harrison.

We all know he's going to go in the draft. You now in the NFL, right? What kind of NFL player is he going to be in your mind?

CJ STROUD: He's somebody who's completely polished, can have great releases, have great routes, has great hands, can go deep, can go short, can take it the distance. And is smart. So just really the whole package. And somebody who's going to block, somebody who's going to be well coach-able. So I'm really excited to see what he does in the League.

JASON FITZ: All right, so are we going higher or lower than a queen? I can't imagine. You just watched me shuffle too.

CJ STROUD: All right. We're going to see. Lower.

JASON FITZ: He's going lower. It's a 10.

CJ STROUD: There we go.

JASON FITZ: Wow, these are high, though. OK, so now you get an easy one. What's it mean, last night, you're named Rookie of the Year? What's that mean to you?

CJ STROUD: It's an honor. A lot of great names up there, Bijan, Puka, and then Jahmyr, all great players. I think this rookie class has been really good. So to take home the hardware, it means a lot. I know it's well deserved. So I appreciate everybody who voted for me.

JASON FITZ: But we, covering you all year, have been talking about how it was a historic season. Was there a moment this year where you looked around and thought, man, things are hitting different, like, we're doing something special?

CJ STROUD: During the season, I'm really like focused on next opportunity, next game. So I don't really reminisce or try to think about what's going on. I really just try to be focused. But once the season ended, I look back, I'm like, wow. Really a special year to get the city of Houston back excited about football again.

JASON FITZ: All right. So tell everybody about C4. What you got going on?

CJ STROUD: Yeah. So I've be working for C4 for a long time. I think it was my first NIL deal. So I've been able to take their product and it's been amazing, helping me maximize my potential. Sometimes I wake up with little or no energy and I just take a shot of the bombsicle or whatever the energy drink. I use the protein powder along with the pre-workout, and it's been amazing. It's NSF certified, so the League don't trip on us about it. And it's an amazing product and I'm blessed to be able to represent them today.

JASON FITZ: Yeah. I'm not even lying. There's one of these right outside the shot on every one of my Yahoo shows. My whole top shelf of my fridge is the orange one, man. I'm all in on orange. All right.

CJ STROUD: Proof in the pudding, man.

JASON FITZ: I'm just saying, like, look at this. I'm obviously energetic. Man, I appreciate you hanging out with me.

CJ STROUD: I appreciate you, man.