Bucs fan who gave back Tom Brady's 600th touchdown ball shows off gifts he received from team

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers came through on their promise to make sure the fan who caught Tom Brady's 600th career touchdown pass got everything he wanted. The fan — Byron Kennedy — showed off his massive haul from the Bucs in a video Friday from Fox 13 Tampa Bay.

The team delivered on everything it promised, though they may have gone a little above and beyond after Kennedy gladly gave the ball back.

The haul — which included two autographed Brady jerseys, a Brady helmet, an autographed Mike Evans jersey and Evans' cleats — was exactly what the team promised Kennedy. But it sounds like Kennedy didn't expect the jerseys to have personalized messages from Brady and Evans. The Brady and Evans jerseys addressed to Byron both state, "You are the man." The second Brady jersey is for the person who brought Kennedy to the game.

In addition to all that, Kennedy received two season tickets for the rest of this season and next season, a $1,000 voucher to the Bucs' team store and bitcoin from Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Did Byron Kennedy get enough for Tom Brady's ball?

After Kennedy returned the ball, some questioned whether he did the right thing. The ball was valued at roughly $500,000 by memorabilia experts. While those jerseys and cleats are nice, $500,000 is the more valuable prize.

Kennedy explained the money was never an option. He told Fox 13 that he never would have sold the ball.

"Had I kept it, I would have held on to the ball," Kennedy explained. "That ball wasn't going to leave my house. So, I never would have had $500,000 like everyone says. I would have had a cool piece of memorabilia in my office, which I have now. I have a lot of it now."

It sounds like Kennedy has no regrets about the decision. As long as he's satisfied with his choice, that's all that matters.

Tom Brady with the Bucs.
Tom Brady took care of the fan who gave back Brady's 600th touchdown ball. (AP Photo/Tyler Kaufman)