Browns announce uniform combination for Week 1 versus Panthers

Being a fan of a professional sports team comes with so many variables, so much information and different things that interest different people. Some people are drawn to the film breakdowns, some to every little piece of news possible, some to opinions and still others want it all.

For the fans of the Cleveland Browns, there has been a lack of much excitement since the team’s return in 1999. The playoff run in 2020 was satisfying but gave way to the 2021 season that led to the departure of QB Baker Mayfield.

One almost universal agreement among fans is that the previous iteration of uniforms the team put on was pitiful. The unveiling of the team’s current uniform was generally cheered even if some wished for something less traditional.

Some fans, with their closets full of jerseys, want to match what their team is wearing on the fields on Sunday and can’t wait to find out what that will be. The Browns announced on Friday that they will be going with the “classic combo” of white pants and brown jersey:

Which is your favorite uniform combination?

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire