Brock Purdy: We have to score touchdowns, I failed to put us in position to do that

The 49ers had a 10-point lead in the first half of Super Bowl LVIII, but they were never able to pull away from the Chiefs and quarterback Brock Purdy said that "eats at me" when he spoke to reporters after the 25-22 overtime loss in Las Vegas.

Kansas City had two turnovers in the game, but the 49ers could not turn either of them into points and the team settled for field goals on three of their trips into Chiefs territory. The last of those kicks came after Purdy was pressured on a third down from the Chiefs' 9-yard-line and it left the Chiefs with a chance to win the game with a touchdown.

That's just what the Chiefs did and Purdy lamented his team's inability to do the same during a postgame press conference.

"When you have a good offense like the Chiefs do and what Mahomes can do, for us, it's like, all right, we have to score touchdowns," Purdy said. "And we had opportunities to do so, I think. Shot ourselves in the foot with just penalties and the operations and stuff. So, I got to be better in terms of leading the guys and just how I handle things in the huddle and telling them what to expect, stuff like that. So, at the end of the day, I think we have the team, the offense to score touchdowns, and I think I failed to put our team in position to do that."

Purdy's first full season as a starter was a successful one, but the plays left on the field will likely be running through his mind until there's a chance to start replacing those memories with better ones come September.