Bo Nix NFL team fits

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz breaks down the best team fits for Oregon QB Bo Nix heading into the 2024 NFL Draft.

Video Transcript

- It's time for Coulda Shoulda, Woulda with quarterback prospect fits and Bo Nix. The could they is easy on this one. It's the Broncos, right? If you're Sean Payton, you don't have a quarterback, and I don't believe that next year's quarterback class is better than this year. So now, even if your best choice is the fourth or fifth best quarterback in this year's draft, you have to take the plunge, and you have to do it aggressively.

We saw the rise in Bo Nix, particularly in his last couple of years and what he did at Oregon. Now, there are real questions to answer why he wasn't as productive at Auburn. And I think they'll get those answers. But if you're Sean Payton, you can look at what he did particularly well-- his movement in the pocket-- and you can look at his intelligence as a quarterback with somebody that's seen a lot of football and feel confident you can get the best out of them.

Which brings us to should they-- Seattle? Look, I know that everybody thinks Seattle is just going to go into some sort of a rebuild mode, but new coach, new direction, new franchise, basically. Geno is there, but is Geno somebody that you're going to bank on forever? I don't think so. Realistically, where they're picking in the draft, they may not have to move at all. And they could look at it and say, hey, let's restart and rebuild around a new quarterback that we can make the face of our franchise.

Would they? How about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? I know they just signed Baker, but let's be real-- that's a contract that can get out of. And Baker's success came with Dave Canales, the offensive coordinator, who's now the head coach in Carolina. New offensive coordinator means that success we saw from Baker may not be replicated. Maybe protecting yourself, bringing in a new guy, and letting him learn under Baker is the perfect way to bridge the gap towards your future.