Ranking the Art of Tennis works from ATP's top eight players

Over the past few weeks, each of the eight qualifiers for the year-end ATP World Tour Finals donned white jumpsuits and hit painted tennis balls at an outline of themselves to create an individual piece of art that will be displayed at the tournament and eventually sold for charity. Now that all the artworks are complete, we'll rank them from best to worst using a completely-arbitrary system:

8. Tomas Berdych

Most everyone else gets an outline of an action shot to work with. Berdych gets one of him either challenging a call, asking for a towel or pointing out the dude in the stands who keeps talking during points.

7. Roger Federer

This looks pretty cool, especially with the yellow tennis ball painted on the canvas. But it doesn't really look much like Federer. Now that I know it's him, I see it. But take away the name and it could be pretty much anyone. Take away the racket and it almost looks like Jerry West on the NBA logo.

6. Andy Murray

Much like Murray, this piece of art is perfectly acceptable in a non-descript sort of way. It also has zero majors.

5. Robin Soderling

Though Robin's right leg looks a bit mangled, I sort of dig the victory fist pump look.

4. David Ferrer

This is one of the three pieces that's already been put up for auction. Murray's is going for $3,300 at the moment and Soderling's for $2,600. As of noon ET on Wednesday, Ferrer's is stuck at $800. Ouch. If you're David Ferrer and you made $2.2 million in winnings this year, don't you hop on eBay and throw in a bid to make it less embarrassing?

3. Andy Roddick

The official Roddick painting hasn't been added to the ATP's site yet, but here's what it looks like in its working form (the black tape will be removed to create the outline). But when it's done this will work. What's the first thing you think of when you think of Roddick? Besides Brooklyn Decker. And besides Grand Slam disappointments. Right! The serve.

2.Novak Djokovic

Another good action shot and one that's set apart because of the yellow. And you can't discount the fact that Nole's left hand looks like it morphed into a fish.

1. Rafael Nadal

After the year he's had, showing Rafa in a victory pose was an easy decision.

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