Harry Redknapp is trying to cancel Christmas again

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Two years ago, Harry Redknapp tried to ban his players from having a Christmas party, saying "One thing they don't need is to get a load of booze down their neck." But, they went behind his back and got a load of booze down their necks anyway. Now, perhaps still a little grumpy after getting knocked out of the Europa League, Harry is Grinching it up once again.

From the Independent:

"No more Christmas parties. We are too busy playing football, we have too many games and they have to concentrate on playing and getting on with their football," Redknapp said.

"If they can't behave themselves, if they can't miss having a drink with the money they are earning there is something wrong with them.

"They are getting fortunes. They have great careers, great lives. They can get on with their football and then go away for six weeks in the summer. Don't cause problems at Christmas.

"I don't want them going out having Christmas parties. What chance have you got? The press will be waiting, someone will be taking pictures of them. Somebody can just have their eyes closed and it looks like they are boozed. You don't need it."

And as everyone knows, if you get your picture taken with your eyes closed coming out of a Christmas party, your life is pretty much over. Also, Harry would like to ban dancing like that town in Footloose, because that worked out so well too. The only acceptable form of entertainment during the season? Sitting at home and playing Wii with Jamie and the one with the beard.

So expect those pictures of Spurs players with eyes closed to be published and shock old Harry any day now.

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