Francesco Totti lost his virginity when he was 12, admits nearly signing for Real Madrid

Ryan Bailey

As previously reported on DT, Thursday marks Francesco Totti's 20th anniversary as a Serie A player.

To mark the occasion, Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport has published a lengthy interview with the 36-year-old Roma legend, in which he reveals he would like to reach 300 goals (he is currently on 226), he wants to play until he is 40, his strongest opponent was (Brazilian) Ronaldo and that he would like to work with Jose Mourinho.

At one point in the interview, Totti is asked whether he has a stronger memory of the emotion of his first Serie A goal or his first kiss. He says he preferred the goal, because the kiss happened when he was 10, which is "the age you do not understand anything." The World Cup winner then immediately surrendered some fairly personal information:

"I was 12 when I made ​​love for the first time. In Tropea, with a Roman girl who was 17 years old."

As the inspirational captain of Roma at age 36, clearly Totti has always done things people of his age are not supposed to. Getting back to the subject of his first goal — in September 1994 against Foggia — Il Gladiatore confirmed that he had planned a special celebration but then forgot to do it:

"That's true, I think it was a wrestling action."

Ever since he denied the world a Hulk Hogan impression, Totti has become renowned for his exuberant goal celebrations, perhaps most famously/bizarrely when he simulated going into labor in tribute to his pregnant wife.

Like teammate Daniele De Rossi, Totti is adored in Rome because he has spent his entire career with the club. Yet he reveals that he once set his mind of defecting to Spain:

"I had decided to go to Real Madrid. But then the contract proposals and issues in my private life led me to stay here. And I have never regretted it."

The final two questions of the interview are about his son and daughter. Totti says he wouldn't mind if his son Cristian became and footballer and started a Maldini-style dynasty, but also jokingly suggested the youngster should become a tennis player so that he can manage him when he reitres. He also said that he would have no problem with his daughter Chanel marrying a footballer. Presumably, he wouldn't want her to meet one in the same way a 17-year-old once did in Tropea though...

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport; H/T @DaniellaMatar