Flooding in Recife could have an impact on USA-Germany match

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Less than three hours before the start of the titanic USA-Germany showdown on Thursday, the streets of Recife were flooded to knee level. While the soccer stadium is actually located about an hour outside of the city, the water was causing problems for both local residents and everyone who was trying to get out to the stadium grounds after spending the night in the city.

It also has FIFA on high alert:

Here are some photographs taken by the Yahoo Sports staff en route to the stadium:

Fear not, though, Teddy Goalsevelt is on the case:

There was some concern that the match could be postponed, and if so, Ghana-Portugal would almost certainly have been postponed as well to prevent any advantage. But fear not: the match will go on!

Some reporters who have already braved the waters to reach the stadium say the scene near the pitch is a lot better than in the flooded streets of Recife.

Of course, this could play right into the United States' hands. A wet pitch cuts down on speed and passing, and could result in a relatively bland ball-control game. A 0-0 tie that would get the United States into the knockout round of 16, say.

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