DTotD: Fernando Torres tosses John Terry to the ground

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In a friendly training ground scuffle between John Terry and Fernando Torres, you would probably expect Terry to beat the freckles out of Torres. But that would underestimate the pent-up ferocity of a man who is physically incapable of scoring goals. After getting tossed off the ball by Terry, Torres hunts him down and chucks him like a rag doll before taking the ball back. He then approached the ball as if he was about to shoot, demonstrating once and for all that he can still do it, but he didn't.

Also, right before the clip of him getting thrown by Torres, Terry is shown doing something that might not help his case in his upcoming trial. But unrelated to all that, someone needs to make a gif of Josh McEachran hitting himself in the head with that book.

UPDATE: Well, that was fast. (Thanks @LintTastic!)