Bournemouth owner’s wife delivered the halftime team talk

Trailing MK Dons 1-0 at halftime, Bournemouth needed a kick in the pants to spur them on to victory in the second half. Usually, it's the manager who delivers a stirring team talk to achieve this, but in the Bournemouth dressing room on Saturday, it was the owner's wife who took it upon herself to address the team.

And it didn't work. Bournemouth, currently sitting in 10th place in League One, lost 1-0. After the match, chairman Eddie Mitchell explained why co-owner/41-year-old Russian oligarch Maxim Demin's wife thought she was Brian Clough for 15 minutes.

From the Bournemouth Echo:

[Mitchell] said: "She and her husband have put a lot of energy and a lot of money into the club through me and I believe that she is entitled to express her opinion.

"It was half-time and I think in the second half we did as well as we did in the first half, so it didn't affect the game.

"I think the people that are putting money into football are entitled to their say.

"But we are 100 per cent behind the system we have got, the manager we have got and everybody else. But we watch it, we watch the game and we all feel frustrated. [...]

"If we were 2-0 up at half-time, we wouldn't have come down. But we came down. It was probably wrong that we came down but modern football is changing. People have got their lives and money on the line."

"It was probably wrong that we came down but modern football is changing. Doing what's wrong is pretty much expected these days."