Bar Refaeli and Irina Shayk argue about Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair gel on Twitter

As Cristiano Ronaldo's improved Euro 2012 form yields results for Portugal, many have opted to engage in the inane debate over whether this makes him better than Lionel Messi. Ronaldo's girlfriend and supermodel Irina Shayk, however, has jumped to his defense in a very different, yet still very inane debate with his not (yet) girlfriend and supermodel Bar Refaeli. The subject: hair gel.

While watching Portugal beat the Czech Republic 1-0 (on a goal scored by Ronaldo's gelled head), noted Barcelona fan Refaeli tweeted, "The only thing I can think of when I watch Ronaldo is that hair gel should really be outlawed!" Well, Shayk saw this and lieu of shanking Refaeli at a Victoria's Secret photoshoot, she tweeted back, "Being a hater is not a cute look. Learn to love." Refaeli quickly backed down from her Ronaldo criticism, but stuck to her guns on the hair gel front: "I love u and I love ur BF. I just don't like hair gel.. XX"

And that's the kind of thing that will only ever happen to Cristiano Ronaldo. Meanwhile, Luis Figo is equally offended and no supermodels on Twitter are defending him at all.