Ashley Cole to become an actor

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Ashley Cole
Ashley Cole

It takes a certain amount of acting skill to to deceive your wife when you are cheating on her behind her back. In completely unrelated news, Chelsea defender Ashley Cole is set to display his acting skills when he features in a new football-based movie called Played.

The money-loving left back will play himself in the docu-drama, which begins filming next month. The Sun explains the plot:

"The plot follows a football agent and how he goes about his business while living the Premier League lifestyle. It features a few dodgy scenarios including underhand transfers and sleeping around with different women."

While Cole may be thrilled to research the "sleeping around with different women" part of his role, he will almost certainly be ecstatic to share the silver screen with the world's greatest living actor, Danny Dyer. The movie will also feature Sam Allardyce playing himself, and Joe Cole playing someone who used to be able to get a game in the Premier League.

Cole will also be backing the film financially, much like he and Rio Ferdinand did with the 2009 50 Cent thriller Dead Man Running.

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